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Karen Orlando is a registered physiotherapist, graduate of Queen’s University in 1979, a practicing clinician as well as clinic owner, operator and manager in Toronto for the last 35 years.

How To Win a Silver Medal – Pilates Works!!

Hi All you Budding Olympians….
I am a physiotherapist who works with the Canadian Rowing Team and who was very proud just like all of you when the men’s and women’s eight captured a silver medal at the London Olympics.
Keeping those bodies fit and ready for action is a feat into itself. These athletes pull many pounds […]

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A Stiff Neck – The Physiotherapist Approach to Management:

I don’t know how people walk around everyday with a neck that barely moves (Stiff neck). Patients tell me they have had it for a long time and it is part of their body issues that they just get used to working around and compensating.

They normally can’t recount any history of an injury, but say […]

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