As the warm weather approaches, many of us will be heading out on our bicycles. Did you know that wearing a helmet if you are under 18 is the law in Ontario? Head injuries are the number 1 cause of serious injury and death to kids on bicycles.

Helmets are an easy-to-wear accessory that helps keep us safe, but you have to make sure it fits properly. A proper fitting helmet can decrease the risk of serious head injury by up to 80%.

wearing helmet properly

Wearing Helmet Properly:

a. Find the proper size. They are not one size fits all. It should be snug on your head. Do NOT put a baseball cap under your helmet. It is no longer fitted to your head and will move around more.
b. The helmet should sit low on the forehead (approx 1-2 finger widths above your brow line)
c. Tighten the V straps slightly under and in front of the ears.
d. Tighten the chin strap so that only 1-2 fingers can fit under it.

Final fit:

a. Open wide as if you are yawning. The helmet should travel down. If not, re-tighten the chin strap.
b. The helmet should not rock back more than 2 fingers above the eyebrows or forward over the eyes.

Check the inside of the helmet/outside of the box to make sure that it is certified by one of the following organizations: CSA, ASTM, CPSC, Snell.

If you do get into an accident, you need to replace the helmet. Damage is not always visible. Protect your head – the human skull is only about 1 cm thick. If you have not had an impact with your helmet, it should still be replaced every 5 years as the plastic becomes brittle and dries out with age.

Buckle on your helmet this season and have a safe and happy ride!