Karen Orlando is well known in the national and international scene for giving presentations which are engaging, amusing and very informative. Below is a course that she is well known for and also a list of other presentations that she has given. If you are interested in organizing a lecture or attending one of Karen’s next lectures, please e-mail her at korlando@procarerehab.ca.

Beyond Bands

The Beyond Bands course with Karen Orlando is a newly developed updated course for 2014. It presents all the latest research and is a follow-up to the original Bands, Balls & Balance course.

Beyond Bands is designed to give the therapist that ‘extra edge‘ in solving clinical conditions in their practice. It will improve clinical rehabilitation skills of the Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers using a scientific evidence-based approach. The main goal of the course is to improve clinical effectiveness using inexpensive and readily available equipment.

This course combines 50% lecture with 50% hands-on training in prescribing resistive and balance training using the latest tools in elastic resistance and proprioception training.

In addition, this course introduces European concepts of functional exercise and integrates with American, Australian, and Scandinavian concepts. It provides hundreds of ideas for exercise interventions for upper body, lower body, and spine and has immediate application of new techniques and progressive exercise progressions into clinical practice.

Karen Orlando imageKaren Orlando image

Other Presentations

Karen is available to give presentations on many topics, including the following:

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
  • Teen Injuries
  • New Ideas to Treat Arthritis
  • Back Health in the Junior Rower
  • Return to Play
  • Stretches for Best Performance
  • What’s Your Running IQ?
  • Sound Body Produces Sound Music
  • Sports Coverage on the International Scene
  • Serving Up Pain-Free
  • The Shoulder: The platform through which our arms function
  • Bringing New Life to Elastic Bands & Tubing Exercises
  • Cross Training for Runners
  • Current Injury Trends in Rowers
  • Dentists – Brush Up on Your Posture
  • Dentists – Is your patients tooth pain as bad as your back pain

Training for Sports Performance Events

Karen spoke at an Exercise Symposium hosted by U of T & Variety Village on ‘The Path to an active lifestyle after a transplant’. The Canadian Transplant Association is getting ready for the Canadian Transplant Games that will be held here in Toronto in Aug. 2016.
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