ProCare Rehabilitation offers private pilates sessions in Toronto, these sessions are one-hour long and include the use of the Cadillac, arc barrel, disk, weighted balls, theraband &/or gym ball equipment.

Our Pilates instructors are ‘movement educators’. They focus on integrating recruitment patterning of the cervico-thoraco-lumbar-pelvic muscles into exercise specific to function and your specific needs. This will enable you to become free of pain that is less likely to return due to change of compensating movement patterns. It consists of a one-hour private session including the use of the Cadillac, arc barrel, disk, weighted balls, theraband &/or gym ball equipment.

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Why Pilates Can Be Helpful in Your Rehabilitation

We, at Procare, have been exposed to many different approaches for finding pain relief. In our experience we have found that this approach will give you perminent results.

Focusing ‘on where the pain is located’ does NOT work and only acts as a band aid. This is especially true when we have reached the ripe young decade of the 40’s when the body has already developed many compensating muscle imbalances and consequent postures. For example – the tight hamstrings on the back of the legs that won’t relax, the humps on either side of the spine ( paraspinals) that won’t let go, the pain in the butt…literally, and the pain radiating down the arm or numbness in the hand with the chin poking forward head posture.

Believe it or not….THIS CAN BE CHANGED!!

Once the compensating muscles have been released (with massage therapy) and the joints have been ‘mobilized’ with physiotherapy or stabilized (whatever the case may be), we have found that Pilates is the next step in the MAINTENANCE. We want this pain-free state to stay, so you don’t end up returning with the same or similar injury.

Getting to this step can take variable lengths of time depending on the amount of compensation…often age related or sport related or work related as well as the state of acuity that the patient presents with.

SO what’s this Pilates all about? Pilates is a full body approach to exercise. It works at realigning the body, that is ‘stacking’ the head on top of the shoulders and getting a neutral position of the pelvis. It’s the connection to the core musculature that makes such a difference.

It feels amazing and you look amazing after a set(s) of Pilates sessions. We find that working one-on-one most successful especially if you don’t have any idea of this approach.

Any age bracket can benefit from such an exercise approach. There is no sweat factor involved. Athletes have a rough time with this at first. It is a ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ type of exercise …and remembering this feeling so that you are able to find this muscle and eventually use it with everyday functioning.

You will find that you will be able to move more from the center without your abdominals popping out, allowing the lumbar spine to heal, the hip flexors to ease and the articulation of the hip joints to improve. Disc spaces will normalize to whatever the body will allow, easing herniations. This re-alignment effect extends into the rest of the spine as well as the extremities, resulting in improved posture.

If you would like more information on whether this approach would work for you, please ask your therapist and they will tell you.

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