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Karen has been working with the Canadian Rowing team, specifically the women’s 8, who just won an OLYMPIC SILVER MEDAL in London. She was influential in tweaking their muscles on their first World Cup win in Munich in June 2012 leading up to the London Olympics

Hi All you Budding Olympians….Pilates Toronto
I am a physiotherapist who works with the Canadian Rowing Team and who was very proud just like all of you when the men’s and women’s eight captured a silver medal at the London Olympics.
Keeping those bodies fit and ready for action is a feat into itself. These athletes pull many pounds of water on their blades with each stroke; at least 2500 strokes daily either to the right or left. As you can imagine, this can create a lot of muscle imbalances over a 4 year period in preparation for the Olympics.

So HOW do they stay injury-free or shall we say capable of rowing day after day for years.

Pilates TorontoThe answer lies in the work they do off the water with many different exercises to help balance their bodies. It’s called PILATES. PILATES is an exercise method originally used by dancers, but now incorporated by many people, to help strengthen our bodies to cope with our daily routines. Most of us sit all day and expect our necks and backs to survive these passive positions when our body is built to move. I have found Pilates to be very beneficial for the our sitting population as well as for athletes that specialize in one sport to help rebalance their bodies, work the core & strengthen the muscles that are not working properly. It’s all about muscle re-patterning; toning down those overused, overworked muscles & finding the ones that should be working. Try it out….it’s your method of keeping your body in that silver medal condition and able to sustain the stresses of our everyday lives.

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